​About Trenton Children's Chorus

Trenton Children's Chorus is an award-winning non profit organization providing exceptional musical, academic, social, and personal opportunities for young people in the Greater Trenton Area. Founded in 1989 as an outreach project of Nassau Presbyterian Church by Sue Ellen Page and Marcia Wood, TCC began as an entirely volunteer-run organization with 11 children in its first year. Today’s program serves 150 singers in grades K-12. TCC offers choral music education and performance opportunities as well as drumming and keyboard instruction, music theory instruction, tutoring, homework assistance, SAT prep, college application help, and summer camp scholarships. Tuition is on a sliding scale; no child is ever denied participation because of limited resources. In an urban area where the high school drop-out rate of nearly fifty percent, 100% of TCC’s graduates attend college. TCC has performed at the White House for President and Mrs. Obama, United Nations, National Cathedral, for the swearing-in ceremony of former U.S. Representative Rush Holt at the Library of Congress, the inauguration of Gov. Chris Christie, Princeton University, in concert with Bobby McFerrin and Dave Brubeck, and for corporate, community, church and private events in the greater Trenton area. 

Intended Youth Outcomes

Trenton Children’s Chorus offers its participants the life-changing experience of reaching new heights of achievement through the disciplines of rehearsal and performance. Our program is designed to help participants: 

•       Appreciate the value of self-discipline and commitment to a goal, understanding that success often requires great personal investment.
•       Broaden their outlook on life, believing that a wide range of possibilities are available to them.
•       Recognize the importance of community, valuing the support and friendship they receive from others and actively contributing their talents and friendship

         to the group.
•       Build skills that will promote their future success and happiness, from personal presentation to college readiness to lifelong musical participation. 
•       Enhance their self-esteem, allowing their success in Chorus to inspire them to set ambitious goals for themselves. 
•       Embrace the transformative joy of music, discovering the happiness and satisfaction that come from working with others to create something beautiful.