Preparatory Choir  Kindergarten and 1st grade

  Kristin Schenk, Director 

Preparatory Choir uses movement, rhythmic language, solfege singing and simple songs to give children the foundations for choral singing and experiential learning in music. Call and response songs, visuals and simple rounds become are a regular part of the class. Attention is paid to training children to focus, work together, become conscious of the sound and space around them and just have fun with music. Meets Tuesday and Thursday after school. 

Choral Readiness   2nd and 3rd grades

   John Floyd, Director

Choral Readiness continues the path of music training with more focus on two-part singing and choral repertoire. Much of the two-part singing works from canons, and some from call and response. Movement and visuals are still a big part of the rehearsal. Meets Tuesday and Thursday after school.

Training Choir   4th and 5th grades

   Constance Hurtt, Director

Training Choir becomes the first fully choral experience where the focus is music reading and repertoire. Part-singing becomes more complex and students learn the discipline of posture, focus, and performance. Opportunities are given for solo singing. Meets Tuesday and Thursday after school.

Intermediate Choir  6th - 8th grades
 Patricia Thel, Director
Members of this ensemble continue the study of music theory and basic musicianship at a more advanced level and perform in different musical genres and languages. Emphasis is on two- and three-part singing, intonation, score reading and vocal technique. Students are admitted to the Intermediate Choir either by audition or by moving up from the Training Choir. Meets Tuesday and Thursday after school.

Chorale  9th - 12th grades
  Chaequan Anderson, Director

High school students who wish to strive for a higher level of musical achievement make up this ensemble. A variety of choral literature is explored, and emphasis is placed on achieving professional performance. Opportunities are given for small ensemble and solo performance. Membership is open to graduates of the Intermediate Choir and by audition. Meets Tuesday and Thursday. 

   Eric Thomas, Instructor

All choirs are given some opportunity of drumming in short segments of time during rehearsals, and selected children are chosen out of choirs to spend more extended time in drumming class. Students who are trained in drumming class then become drummers in their own choirs. Small groups of drummers are formed in pull-out sessions to prepare for performances. Djembes, tubanos and cajons along with other world percussion instruments are used.