The Learning Academy

Trenton Children’s Chorus believes that every child is unique and every child can be helped to achieve to their full potential. The Learning Academy supports the well-being of the entire child through intensive academic support for TCC choristers from 3rd through 12th grades. The Learning Academy is offered

after school each Tuesday and Thursday throughout the school year.

The purpose of TCC’s Learning Academy is:

  • to develop in each child a sense of her/himself as a learner
  • to foster school-adaptive skills including, academic task orientation and understanding; effective learning and studying skills; organization; time/task management; and persistence
  • to gain grade level math and literacy proficiency

Besides weekly sessions, the Learning Academy also provides parent/child workshops and important academic services including, SAT/ACT prep, college application and financial aid assistance, as well as mentoring for college-bound freshman. Monitoring of academic progress and challenges helps Learning Academy staff provide timely intervention, and liaise with parents and schools to improve program impact.

Gloria Bethea serves as the Learning Academy Director. Mrs. Bethea practiced as a Nurse Clinician and holds undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Pennsylvania. She credits patient education training for equipping her to homeschool her nine children. A sought-after tutor, her tutoring and nursing philosophies are the same: always consider the whole person when serving someone – their attitude, informational processing strengths and weaknesses, learning style, nutritional health, organizational skills and personality. Mrs. Bethea enthusiastically teaches Learning Coaches and students of TCC’s Learning Academy to apply a holistic perspective in their creation and execution of an individually designed learning plan for each Learner of the Learning Academy. Mrs. Bethea is the recipient of 2008 Z-HOPE Humanitarian of the Year Award and The 2015 Tre’Devon Lane Foundation’s Community Service Award.

For additional information
Contact Gloria Bethea, Learning Academy Director, at 609-278-0822 

or via email at