College Scholarships

The Trenton Children's Chorus builds skills that promote future success and happiness, from personal presentation to college readiness, to lifelong musical participation. Educational Scholarships for students pursuing college or vocational degrees are granted for tuition, books and supplies. TCC will match family contributions toward educational costs for up to $1,000 per semester, not to exceed $2,000 per academic year. Deadline for application is July 1.  The Educational Scholarship Committee will make final decisions as to the eligibility of a student.  Final determination of scholarship award is also based on the availability of funds.

Eligibility Requirements
To be eligible for scholarship funds the student must have graduated from Trenton Children’s Chorus with a minimum of four years of membership in-good-standing. Good standing is defined as having been faithful in attendance at rehearsals and performances, and having exhibited a positive attitude and mature behavior. Scholarship funds will automatically renew for students who maintain the academic standards set forth by their university. Those on academic probation are not eligible for support.  To receive ongoing support, grades must be submitted at the conclusion of each semester.

Scholarships are renewable for eight semesters over the six years immediately following high school graduation.

To apply please submit:
*A tuition bill from the college or vocational institution.
*Proof the student has submitted FAFSA forms.

The completed application should be submitted to:
Alice Lightner, Program Manager, at

Music and Academic Enrichment Scholarships

In support for its mission to empower the social, spiritual and academic lives of children through artistry in music, Trenton Children’s Chorus provides scholarships for music and academic enrichment for its members *in good standing. All scholarships are based on the availability of funds. 

Scholarships are awarded for:

  • Music Education and Academic Support Program Fees
  • Academic testing and support services
  • Academic entrance application fees

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Choristers must have completed at least one year in the Chorus
  • Chorister must maintain the status of “in good standing” throughout the school year that the scholarship is awarded in
  • All scholarships must be matched by the family’s contribution toward these academic and music education goals
  • Each chorister is eligible for a maximum of $150 in scholarships per academic year
  • Chorister’s family must fill out the Scholarship Application Form
  • Families must supply documentation (a bill or invoice) with their request

To apply: 

Submit a Request Form to Alice Lightner, Program Manager, at 609-278-0822 or via email at

*"In Good Standing”: TCC members who fulfill attendance, behavioral, and financial expectations are considered to be members “in good standing”. To be “in good standing” means that a chorister is consistent and reliable, that they arrive to rehearsals and performances on-time and fully prepared with the proper uniform and accessories. The behavior of choristers “in good standing” is respectful and responsive to correction. All outstanding financial obligations (tuition, transportation and Learning Academy) of choristers “in good standing” must be fully paid by the advertised deadlines.