TCC Senior Soloist in Princeton U Production of "The Odyssey"

This was a wonderful experience for the kids! I was thrilled to see them work at a high level, practicing their songs over and over, and saying encouraging words to everyone in the cast. The TCC teens were great mentors to the younger kids, and all of them were focused on their performance at all time. I appreciated that the PU theater students treated our kids as colleagues, rather than "little kids".

I must say a special shout out to TCC senior, Paola Noel, who had a featured solo as the mother of the lead character, Odysseus. Opening night, 30 minutes before curtain, she was given a costume change that could have affected her singing and acting. She and I scrambled to figure everything out with the costume, and Paola rehearsed the sequence a few times off stage. She sang flawlessly at each performance!

The kids learned about teamwork and the importance of every person giving their utmost onstage. Each person was equally valued in the play--everyone played an individual role, even within the group. I saw the children bond even closer and support each other in every way. They will never forget their experience!

- Dr. Rochelle Ellis, Solo and Small Ensemble Director Learn about this project here!

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